■ Born and raised in Australia. Came to the US for school and adventure. Mostly stayed inside.

High tolerance for bad Australian accents. See: Entire Brandcenter Class of 2021.

Once made a lucky shot on a video game that made its way onto the YouTubes.
If you’ve ever wanted to watch the same clip over and over again to different nu-metal songs, here’s your chance: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

Started a podcast about Asian food and culture with some friends.

Wrote a sketch comedy pilot with my roommate.


VCU Brandcenter | 2019-2021
M.S. Business | Concentration: Copywriting

The University of Melbourne | 2012-2016
B.Comm | Major: Marketing and Management


Leo Burnett | Melbourne, AU | 2021-Present

McCann | Melbourne, AU | Feb - May 2015
Account Services Intern


email: kevin@mkevin.com
phone: 804-714-6501


*much taller in real life
**normally wearing shoes